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Beo String Quartet

Easy-going, stylish and vehemently precise: how music should always be and how the Beo Quartet plays. —Alejandro Rutty, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Beo exists as a 21st century quartet by directing the future of the art through original music and projects; engaging listeners through entertainment and thoughtful demonstration; performing live, in any venue, the masterpieces of the string quartet literature; collaborating with living composers to showcase the music of our time; and participating in our modern global culture through a strong social media presence. Now in its sixth season, Beo has performed over 100 concert works in the US and  Europe—including over 30 world premieres.

In addition to its many recordings, music videos, and arrangements of covers, Beo regularly performs original works and projects–repertoire that you cannot hear any other ensemble perform. One of its most unique original projects, ‘Projection1: Triple Quartet’, was composed by Beo’s violist, Sean Neukom, and premiered at Virginia Tech University in 2017. The work is essentially written for three string quartets—one live and two digital—the live Beo quartet being flanked by two pre-recorded projections of Beo! In addition to a rich aural texture, the performance experience engages visual and spatial senses of the listener. Other projects include genre-mixing albums and full length shows such as ‘triggerLand’: a set of rock-inspired, classically composed, rhythmically-charged songs combining animation and amplification with a strong narrative focus on social issues.

As educators, Beo has earned a reputation for its thoughtfully-crafted presentations—disguised as entertainment—each designed to teach chamber music skills and a love for classical music to students ranging from complete beginners to pre-professionals alike. Through its educational tours of elementary, middle, and high schools, its short-term residencies at colleges and universities, and its annual residency at Dakota Chamber Music, Beo has shared these unique, engaging experiences with more than 3,000 students to date. Beo is very involved in the contemporary music scene and holds an annual residency with the Charlotte New Music Festival each summer. In partnership with the festival, Beo hosts an annual Composition Competition. For this competition, a winning work is selected from a large pool of submissions, recorded, and programmed frequently through Beo’s following season. Recordings of the winning works can be found on Beo’s website alongside other contemporary works. With several new projects always in the works, be sure to stay in touch with all things Beo by subscribing to the handle @beostringquartet on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.